XSLT is a Language

XSLT is a language and it started with XSL initially by WC3 in somewhere around Nov, 1999. Before that, there was not any mechanism for this transformation so they have started that. XSLT is a fully XML based stylesheet language.

CSS is used in HTML to give desired output with predefined Html and CSS tags. So basically, it add design to HTML elements. Now in XML document, tags are not predefined because you can use your own tags to create XML document. So here, XSL is used for XML to display desired output in browser by using html tags with XML document.

XSL is also use other mechanism like XSLT, XPath and XQuery. Each has their own way to implement and transform, navigate or querying XML documents.

What is Template and how it used in XSLT transformation?

Template is set of rules in XSLT transformation. They are one or more, it depends on how complex your XML document for transformation. It defines rules and apply when element or node matched with conditions.

To create templates in XSLT document,” <xsl:template>” element is used. The attribute called “match” is used which identify template within XML document. It is also used to define a template for whole XML document. The Xpath expression is considered value for match attribute in XML document. For example: match="/" defines the entire XML document