SQL Overview

SQL: It stands for “Structured Query Language”

SQL is a language which is used to manage data into relational database. Manage data in terms of following.

  • Insert data into database
  • Retrieve data from database
  • Manipulate data into database

In this tutorial, you will learn basic about SQL and database, how you can create database, manage database and many more advanced concepts of how you can use SQL with your database.

Every system like website, software or mobile applications need database in back end to store data into database. To do that, SQL is used widely.

We will try to explain each topic by using proper example which help you to understand basic and advances concepts of database and SQL.

In this tutorial, mainly we will focus on basic understanding regarding different commands which are used in SQL with example so you can understand how you store data into database, retrieve data from it and manipulate as per your need.

Note: This tutorial is designed for beginners who has already some idea about relational database and what is programming in IT project development.