Why only 200 leads are retrieved from zoho crm api?Ask Questions

 Posted on 08/10/2019

I'm trying to retrieve all leads from zoho crm using api and even though i've given toINdex=1000, it returns only 200

How to get all leads in the system?

Here is my command

var webAddr = "https://crm.zoho.in/crm/private/xml/Leads/getRecords?newFormat=2&authtoken=" + strAuthToken + "&scope=crmapi&fromIndex=1&toIndex=1000&version=2";

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Asked by Parthasarathy Mandayam on 08/10/2019 Score: 24 points
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This is a zoho old api v 2.0 I believe and they return only 200 records at a time. You can use parameter fromindex and toindex with range values and you will get more records easily. I hope this will
29/08/2019   20:55:12   Haresh Chaudhari
Hey Adil, you need to pass authtoken in url before you submit
29/08/2019   20:36:44   Haresh Chaudhari
Hi, I am getting Bad request when submitting the above code, any help would be appreciated.
21/08/2019   22:15:43   Adil Kamal

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