Why is my event throwing a null error?Ask Questions

 Posted on 20 days ago

For some reason my event is throwing a null error. I don't see anything wrong.

here is the event

public delegate void connectionSuccess(bool success);

public event connectionSuccess Connection;


then in a function i have this witch throws the null error



Edit* function in another class that calls the connection function

Server.Connection += onConnection; Server.startConnection();

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Asked by Aidam Turner on 20 days ago Score: 50 points
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Answered by hardik chaudhary on 10/2/2019 11:21:44 AM Score: 542 points

You need to check and make sure something is actually subscribed to the event before you invoke it.

if(Connection != null) Connection(true);


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Aproved Answers
Answered by Steve Summit on 10/1/2019 9:10:39 AM Score: 35 points

If it is not connected, it is null.

Try this instead:

var h = Connection;

if ( h!=null ) {




I'm assigning to a (local) variable first in order to overcome multi-threading scenarios where there are modifications between checking for null and calling.

I.e. the following would not be thread-safe:

if ( Connection!=null ) {

        Connection(true); // Here, could already be null, again.



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