What is the GST rate for new model sarees?Ask Questions

 Posted on 02/27/2019

I am the new model sarees in online with my friend. It is very quality and taken more points about the printed saree. I need the wedding collections as more. It is getting designs and new model also. I have found the online shopping website. I need 4 designer saree and a cotton saree also. My father is taken their response for buying the men shirts and pants at online. I need to know the GST rate for that. My brother is given some instructions for choosing the best shopping mall in Bangalore. More collections and attractive design are available in your post here. I am looking the best and good nature of quality with the all cloths. I am searching the golden color saree for the engagement function.  Wedding saree design also super in your post. I need to visit your shop now. Please tell me the route and what are the new collections are available at wedding cloths.
 Please tell me the details. I am waiting for your reply here. Would you give some wedding materials as sample here? I need to see those and I will decide to when to visit your shop.  My friend is collecting more models and materials in online. I need to purchase the matching jewelry set also. Please tell me the exact price and other required details here. When and where I can get those things? Did you know about any other sources? I am booking the ticket for cinema at night with my life partner. So I need to buy the cloth within a day. Please tell me what is the quick way for buying the materials with you. Did you deliver those products in my home? Please answer me quickly. I have decided to my plan and execute the new method of purchasing.  My friend is near me she is also choosing the best store for buying sweets and other types of foods. So please tell me the best store for getting my materials.
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Asked by Nakul Bhai on 02/27/2019 Score: 10 points
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