What is DBCC command and why is it used?Ask Questions

 Posted on 08/03/2018

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Asked by Hardik Parekh on 08/03/2018 Score: 234 points
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answer plz
08/08/2018   16:01:37   Hardi Sananse

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Answered by hardik chaudhary on 8/3/2018 12:39:14 PM Score: 454 points

DBCC Command :

DBCC stands for Database consistency checker. DBCC commands act as database console commands which means that they are used to check the consistency of SQL server database.

DBCC Command Use :

Database Consistency Checker Commands give details in form of statistics about the SQL Server. They can be used for Maintenance of database, index, or filegroup. DBCC Commands can be used to perform validation operations on a database, table, index, catalog, filegroup, or allocation of database pages.

They can perform miscellaneous tasks such as enabling trace flags or removing a DLL from memory. DBCC INDEXDEFRAG, DBCC ERRORLOG, DBCC CACHESTATS are one of the few DBCC commands.


Ex : to checks the data page integrity of the author table




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