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 Posted on 09/25/2019

I have a class that contains an enum property, and upon serializing the object using JavaScriptSerializer, my json result contains the integer value of the enumeration rather than its string "name". Is there a way to get the enum as a string in my json without having to create a custom JavaScriptConverter? Perhaps there's an attribute that I could decorate the enum definition, or object property, with?

As an example:

enum Gender { Male, Female }

class Person {

int Age { get; set; }

Gender Gender { get; set; }



Desired json result:

{ "Age": 35, "Gender": "Male" }

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Asked by Chirag Bhatt on 09/25/2019 Score: 26 points
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Answered by Praful Chauhan on 9/25/2019 7:49:38 AM Score: 116 points

No there is no special attribute you can use. JavaScriptSerializer serializes enums to their numeric values and not their string representation. You would need to use custom serialization to serialize the enum as its name instead of numeric value.

Edit:  As pointed out by @OmerBakhari covers this use case

(via the attribute [JsonConverter(typeof(StringEnumConverter))]) and many others not handled by the built in .net serializers. 

Here is a link comparing features and functionalities of the serializers.


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Answered by Doug Stevenson on 9/25/2019 7:47:11 AM Score: 56 points

I have found that Json.NET provides the exact functionality I'm looking for with a StringEnumConverter attribute:


using Newtonsoft.Json;

using Newtonsoft.Json.Converters;


public Gender Gender { get; set; }

More details at available on StringEnumConverter documentation.


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