Javascript array is empty after filling with values Ask Questions

 Posted on 06/15/2019

I tried this code:

var browserdata = new Array();
// Fill the array with values
browserdata["qqq"] = "zzz";
browserdata["rrr"] = 1;

console.log(browserdata);  // This shows an empty array

It should show { "qqq" => "zzz", "zzz" => 1 } Actual output is [] (empty array).

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Asked by Praful Chauhan on 06/15/2019 Score: 116 points
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Answered by Grayson Omans on 9/13/2019 9:20:56 AM Score: 60 points

If new Array() is called with a single argument which is a number, then it creates an array without items, but with the given length.

It’s rarely used, because square brackets [] are shorter. Also there’s a tricky feature with it lets see.

var arr = new Array(2); // will it create an array of [2] ?
console.log( arr[0] ); // undefined! no elements.
console.log( arr.length ); // length 2

 var browserdata = new Array();
 browserdata[0] = "zzz";
 browserdata[1] = 1;   


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