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 Posted on 08/22/2018

I have a query like this:

Result<?> result = create.select(CONSUMER.CONS_ID_NO,
                                             concat(CONSUMER.AREA_CODE, "/", CONSUMER.CONS_NO, "/", CONSUMER.CAT_CODE).as("ConsNo"),

I wrote this according to the JOOQ Manual, but I am getting an error that says:

The method concat(String...) in the type Factory is not applicable for the arguments (TableField, String, TableField, String, TableField)

I am using JOOQ-3.

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Asked by hardik chaudhary on 08/22/2018 Score: 432 points
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Answered by on 9/20/2018 7:06:34 AM Score: 89 points

It seems that the sample in the manual doesn't work. However, you can convert a string to Filed via org.jooq.impl.Factory.val.

    Record result = create.select(
            concat(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, val(" "), AUTHOR.LAST_NAME).as("Full Name")

Please refer to this email from Lukas Eder for details


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