How to unit test with Jasmine on multiple chained functions with returns?Ask Questions

 Posted on 07/14/2018

I have the following function:

* filters array down to the given allowed keys
* @param {Object} data
* @param {String[]} allowedKeys
$scope.filterData = function(data, allowedKeys) {
    return Object.keys(data)
        .filter(function(key) {
            return allowedKeys.includes(key);
        .reduce(function(obj, key) {
            obj[key] = data[key];
            return obj;
        }, {});

that I want to create a unit test for and so far I have the following:

describe('$scope.filterData', function() { 
        var data = {
            key1: "value1",
            key2: "value2",
            key3: "value3"
        var allowedKeys = ["key1", "key2"];
        var $Object = jasmine.createSpyObj('Object', ['keys', 'filter', 'reduce']);

('should func', function() {
.keys.and.returnValue($Object); $Object.filter.and.returnValue($Object); $Object.reduce.and.returnValue($Object);
.filterData(data, allowedKeys); expect(Object.filter).toHaveBeenCalled(); }); });

The issue that I am having, is that I am getting the following error:

TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'allowedKeys.includes(key)')

I do not understand, how to fix that error?

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Asked by ketan Linbachiya on 07/14/2018 Score: 269 points
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