How to display number field in label for Cloud Firestore SwiftAsk Questions

 Posted on 08/16/2018

I have a number field from Cloud Firestore that needs to be displayed as a string within a label.

Usually, if the field were a string, I can just execute this code

db.collection("users").document(uid ?? "UID not yet loaded in viewDidLoad()")
    .addSnapshotListener { snapshot, error in
        if error != nil {
            print(error ?? "Couldn't update text field TextUser according to database")
        } else {
            if let dbUsername = snapshot?["username"] as? String {
                self.textUser?.text = dbUsername

That works because "username" in the document is of a value string. But this won't work because "cash" in the document is of a value number.

if let dbCash = snapshot? ["cash"] as? String {
    self.labeCash?.text = dbCash

I might just have to convert the number, whatever type they use, into a string. But how would I do that? Thanks!

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Asked by hardik chaudhary on 08/16/2018 Score: 557 points
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