how to create google sitemap for mvc site?Ask Questions

 Posted on 10/07/2019

I was wondering if anyone has done this yet or has any examples on how to create a Google Sitemap for an MVC website.

Any help or example would be appreciated.

Im talking about this:

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Asked by Doug Stevenson on 10/07/2019 Score: 56 points
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Answered by Will Smith on 10/7/2019 2:41:25 PM Score: 54 points

Shameless self plug: I created a library called SimpleMvcSitemap after having weird issues with MvcSiteMapProvider on production.

You can serve sitemap files from any action method without any configuration:

public class SitemapController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index()
           List<SitemapNode> nodes = new List<SitemapNode>
                   new SitemapNode(Url.Action("Index","Home")),
                   new SitemapNode(Url.Action("About","Home")), //other nodes
     return new SitemapProvider().CreateSitemap(nodes);

It also supports all the Google Sitemap extensions available.


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