How to calculate total experience from ExperienceHistory table in sql?Ask Questions

 Posted on 09/25/2018

I have table tblExperienceHistory


I want total experience like

ResumeId, Experience

17, 3 years 3 months

18, 4 year 8 months



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Asked by Shailesh Chaudhary on 09/25/2018 Score: 808 points
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20/11/2018   08:18:08   Hardik Parekh
i'm still waiting for answer
25/10/2018   10:22:38   Shailesh Chaudhary

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Answered by Pink Penthar on 11/2/2018 3:07:41 PM Score: 42 points

You can get solution using sql scalar function

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[UDF_S_CalculateExperience] (@UserId bigint)
RETURNS nvarchar(50)
DECLARE @ExpYr INT=0,@ExpMon INT=0
@ExpYr=(SUM(convert(int,DATEDIFF(MONTH, FromMonth+'/1/'+FromYear, (CASE CurrentlyWorking WHEN 'N' THEN ToMonth+'/1/'+ToYear ELSE GETDATE() END))/12))),
@ExpMon=(SUM(convert(int,DATEDIFF(MONTH, FromMonth+'/1/'+FromYear, (CASE CurrentlyWorking WHEN 'N' THEN ToMonth+'/1/'+ToYear ELSE GETDATE() END)) % 12)))
    FROM S_ResumeWorkHistory 
    where UserId=@UserId

declare @AddYr int
SET @AddYr=(@ExpMon/12)
SET @ExpYr=@Expyr+@AddYr
SET @ExpMon=@ExpMon- (@AddYr*12)

-- Return the result of the function
RETURN convert(nvarchar,@ExpYr)+' years '+convert(nvarchar,@ExpMon)+' months'



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