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 Posted on 12/03/2018

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Amazon SES: Amazon Simple Email Services

In this article, we will learn about how to send email via Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) provides a way to receive and send email using their platform which is highly reliable and scalable.

How it works:

1. You must have valid account on Amazon AWS platform

2. You must have to verify your identity to use this platform to send and receive emails. For this, you need to verify your domain, email address and finally configure few settings for email sending.

3. View metrics for bounces, complaints, deliveries, and the number of emails you have sent with respect to your sending limits

4. Set up rules that specify what you want Amazon SES to do with emails it receives on your behalf.

Domain Verification:

Look at below screen how you can add your own domain in Simple Email Service platform. It is necessary that you should add your domain there and verify it with TXT records.

To verify domain, you need to add your domain first by using following option. When you click on “Verify a New Domain” button, popup screen appear like following where you can add your domain and click on “Verify This Domain”.

As soon as you add your domain, it display what information you have to edit in your hosting control panel with TXT records. Look following screen which display those details.


You have to go to your hosting control panel where you need to edit Name, Type and Value as per following screenshot. Choose record type as TXT, add Name under Domain name input box and insert value in TXT record input box, that’s all.

Before you verify your domain, it looks like following screen with verification status is pending verification.


You may refresh the screen and it will update it as verified in green colour text.

Email Verification:

To verify your own email, you need to add your email first. Once you add your email, you will get confirmation link in your email body which you need to click and confirm it.

Once you confirm your email, Amazon displays your email with verified status as following screen.

SMTP Settings:

Now, final step it to get SMTP details and create one user to authenticate while sending email. To do that, go to SMTP setting section and you may be able to see your SMTP and Port details along with few others as following screen.

You can use “Create My SMTP Credentials” option to create one user. Once user created, it displays SMTP username and SMTP password as below screen.

Now, you can send and receive email via Amazon Simple Email Service with your own languages. Let’s learn how we can send it via C# in

Send email via Amazon Simple Email Services in with C#:

public void SendEmail()

   MailMessage objMail = new MailMessage();

   SmtpClient objSMTPClient = new SmtpClient();

   objMail.From = new MailAddress("");

   objMail.To.Add(new MailAddress(""));

   objMail.Subject = "Test Email";

   objMail.Body = "Hello, this is test email.";


   objSMTPClient.Port = 25;

   objSMTPClient.Host = "";

   objSMTPClient.DeliveryMethod = SmtpDeliveryMethod.Network;

   objSMTPClient.UseDefaultCredentials = false;

   objSMTPClient.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("SMTPUsername",    "SMTPPassword");

   objSMTPClient.EnableSsl = true;


  catch (Exception Ex)

I hope it give you clear details how you can send email via amazon simple email services using C# language.

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